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Gloryus is een reisbureau met een missie, net zoals de oprichter zelf.  Ervaring en kennis delen en de actieve en reislustige mensen te inspireren is het doel. De belangrijkste keywords van dit splinternieuwe reisbureau zijn ongetwijfeld avontuurlijk en authentiek.

Daarbovenop wordt er ook de nadruk gelegd op contact met locals. Iets wat velen onder ons vergeten tijdens een trip naar het buitenland.

Hi, I'm Canipel Jelle

Who is Jelle Canipel? He’s a travel photographer and explorer at heart
A passionate traveler, photographer, and an IT professional to boot, Jelle’s dedication to exploration led him to open his own travel agency specializing in the Balkan countries. One peek at Jelle’s photos will have you packing your bags to this beautiful and oft-overlooked region.
An ever enthusiastic and energetic optimist, Jelle thinks “smiling is the best.” Even after a rollercoaster year in travel when his new photography equipment was stolen before a Faroe Islands photo trip, Jelle maintained an optimistic perspective. Making the best of a tough situation, he captured the magic of the islands with the help of friends and kind people encountered through social media! We’re crossing our fingers that Jelle is shooting with his own gear soon for 2018 travel plans to Lofoten and Laos. We can’t wait to see his discoveries from Norway’s idyllic islands and along the magnificent Mekong.
Jelle notes that good planning is key to capturing epic travel photos, but that enjoying the moment and the scene is most important. Jelle’s stunning photos and thoughtful descriptions keep us inspired, so we asked Jelle what inspires his adventures. “I love the mountains and like some hiking or climbing. . . a destination that offers such a combination draws my attention. I also like the North/Scandinavian countries, there is such a pure atmosphere and incredible nature.” Jelle loves the thrill of travel, finding your way in a new place while making memories, and feeling alive!

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