Michiels amazing trip!

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A friend and fellow traveler, Michiel Pieters, on a gloryus journey in New Zealand. His story and some stunning photography making this a true inspiration to us all.

With his words:

When you hear 'New Zealand' you probably think about the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogy. I know I did, ever since those movies I wanted to see it with my own eyes. So this year I decided to go there for about 6 weeks, with a friend. Words can't really explain what I saw every day, from the beautiful beaches at the Coromandel to the Volcanos at Tongariro (mount doom!), from fur seals to whales, from incredible fjords to glacier covered mountains and from huge lakes to the brightest stars at night. New Zealand really has it all. Everyday again we were surprised by what we witnessed. But like I said, words can't explain what I saw so I'll just let some photos do the job.

Follow his adventure & photography: http://bckpckd.tumblr.com/ https://instagram.com/mchlptrs/

Waiotapu thermal wonderland.jpg

Milford sound.jpg

Lake wanaka.jpg

Fur seal, cape Foulwind.jpg


Ben Lomond, Queenstown.jpg

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